Lumbee Bill Reintroduced.

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“Lumbee Bill Reintroduced.”  Robesonian 14 March 1991: 1A.


Reintroduced by Charlie Rose on March 13.  A field hearing of the House Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs was scheduled for June 7, 1991, in Pembroke (Robesonian 19 May 1991: 1A) but was cancelled.  A joint House/Senate hearing was held in Washington on August 1, 1991 (Robesonian 2 Aug. 1991: 1).  On Sept. 11, 1991, the bill was approved by the House Commitee on Interior Affairs (News and Observer 12 Sept. 1991: 5B).  On Sept. 26, 1991, it was approved by the full House (Charlotte Observer 27 Sept. 1991: 5C).  The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians asked Sen. Jesse Helms to block the bill (Robesonian 4 Oct. 1991: 1A).  The bill was approved by the Senate Select Committee on Indian Affairs on Nov. 20, 1991 (Robesonian 20 Nov. 1991: 1A).  A procedural vote that would have brought the bill to full debate on the Senate floor failed by two votes (Charlotte Observer 28 Feb. 1992: 1A; Robesonian 2 March 1992: 1A, 4A).  The bill never made it out of committee (see Robesonian 28 June 1992: 1A and 25 Aug 1992: 1A).  Charlie Rose reintroduced it as H.R. 334 (see Robesonian 6 Jan. 1993: 1A).  It cleared the House and was backed by the White House but was opposed by at least one N.C. senator (see Robesonian 30 Sept. 1993: 1A and 2 Nov. 1993: 4A; Charlotte Observer 29 Oct. 1993: 1C).

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