Migration #2

Download Migration Lesson Plan #2

Migration in Appalachia Lesson Plan 2 (PDF)


 A look at the immigration patterns/peoples who settled the area and the musical traditions they brought with them, and how that impacted the development of the musical heritage we celebrate today
A lesson plan for grade 8 history and social studies

By Carolyn Dell Walters

Students will:

  • learn about how musical traditions were passed down
  • will listen to a traditional folk song
  • participate in a discussion about the impact of folk music in their life

Teacher Planning

  • Time Required for Lesson [40 minutes]
  • Materials Needed 
    • NC DVD- The Appalachians
    • Website from AppState Workshop with recordings of folk songs
  • Technology Resources Needed
    • High-speed internet access and computers for each student
    • Stereo headphones for each student
    • SmartBoard and projector

Background Information / Pre-Activities

Folksongs you have heard? Been taught? Instruments you have learned to play? Discuss.


  1. Discuss music of our area - who is popular? kind of music? musical events?
  2. View DVD- segment of early settlers/musical traditions
  3. Listen to old recording of a popular folk song


This lesson will serve as a springboard to deeper research into the music of Western North Carolina, which will culminate in a project where student will demonstrate their specific learning and interest in a certain type of music or instrument or ballad writing.

Supplemental Information

Other lessons will include ballads and their place in Mountain Music, with an indepth study of Tom Dula. Other possibilities: Invite local musicians into the class to play different instruments, such as fiddle, dulcimer, and banjo; order mountain dulcimer kits and have the students make their own instrument, as well as learn to play some simple songs. This might involve the music/band teachers at our school.



North Carolina Essential Standards - SOCIAL STUDIES Grade 8

  • 8SI.1 Evaluate information resources based on specific criteria]
  • 8.H.1.1 (Construct charts, graphs, and historical narratives to explain particular events or issues)
  • 8.H.1.2 (Summarize the literal meaning of historical documents in order to establish context
  • *8.H.1.3 (Use primary and secondary sources to interpret various historical perspectives)
  • 8.H.1.4 (Use historical inquiry to evaluate the validity of sources used to construct historical narratives)
  • *8.C.1.1 (Explain how influences from Africa, Europe, and the Americas impacted North Carolina and the United States)
  • *8.C.1.2 (Summarize the origin of beliefs, practices, and traditions that represent various groups within North Carolina and the United States)
  • *8.TT.1 (Use technology and other resources for assigned tasks)
  • *8.RP.1 (Apply a research process to complete project-based activities)