The Kinnakeeter

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Williams, Charles T., II. The Kinnakeeter. New York: Vantage P, 1975. 141p.


Williams explains that the people known as Kinnakeeters were formed “by amalgamation of shipwrecked sailors and Indians on Hatteras Island. The Chicamacomicoer, Kinnakeeter and Hatterasman, all have the same customs, culture and tribal traits of the Algonquin Indianes” (p.3).  Williams relates parts of the Lost Colony Theory in giving the history of the Kinnakeeter (see pages 9-10).  He specifies that one of John White's ships, the John Evangelist, whose captain was Caleb Williams, held “the first White men ever to set foot on Kinnakeet, N.C.” (p.10).  The Kinnakeet Indians had a village “situated in the vicinity of the site on which the present Cape Hatteras Hotel is now located” (p.10).  Williams adds that “the legends of ancient Kinnakeet tradition say that a great friendship developed between the Kinnakeet and Croatan Indians . . . and that the Kinnakeet-stranded sailors became enamoured of the Croatan women because of their similarity to the White race and that on several occasions they would marry in the Croatan tribe and bring their wives to Kinnakeet” (p. 12).

Williams says “Kinnakeet is uniquely situated geographically on Hatteras Island” (p. 128), and in 1883 the town's name (at least, the name of the post office) was changed to Avon (p. 125).

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