A recipe for economic health

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Towle, Lisa H. “A recipe for economic health.” North Carolina (Raleigh: North Carolina Citizens for Business and Industry) 52.6 (June 1994): 21-26.


Describes progress made by Robeson County and its leaders when, several years ago, they began a strategic planning progress which formulated a plan for improving the business climate, the county's image, and standards of living. The county's assets which were identified in the process included highly loyal employees with a strong work ethic, high employer satisfaction with the business climate, workforce development opportunities through the university and the community college, low wages, available and affordable land, and low housing costs - all benefits for labor-intensive industry; and good transportation access to Eastern Seaboard markets. Deficits for business included a low supply of ready-made industrial property, and a below-average but improving school system. The six task forces which were working on strategic planning listed their findings in a June, 1991 report. They felt that food and transportation were promising growth areas for the local economy. Examples include Rocco Turkeys of North Carolina (St. Pauls), Daniel's Home Bakery (Pembroke), Campbell Soup Co. (Maxton), and U.S. Cold Storage, Inc. (Lumberton). The article describes the county's successes in investing in shell buildings, which industries could quickly occupy. Ways in which Jasper Textiles (Lumberton) and Mueller Steam Specialty (St. Pauls) have been helped by the local business climate are described. Benefits from programs offered at Robeson Community College are also explained.

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