[Harvey] Godwin reflects, expects a good new year

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Shiles, Bob. "[Harvey] Godwin reflects, expects a good new year." Robesonian [Lumberton, NC] December 24, 2016.


After one year as the Lumbee Tribal Chairman, Harvey Godwin Jr. is optimistic moving forward.

After pledging to bring unity at the beginning of his term, Godwin said that there has been great cooperation throughout the last year. He used the inaugural address to call for a cultural revival and awareness of the tribal history.

Godwin spoke with the Robesonian to reflect on year one. He said, “Being a government leader was new to me. When I began in January I faced some things I was not prepared for. But with the support of the Tribal Council we have been working with HUD to correct these problems and those in Chicago are happy with the way we are addressing their concerns”

Another point of emphasis was complying with HUD regulations as the tribe seeks federal recognition. Godwin said that “2016 was a year of resurgence in cultural heritage and traditions. Both the tribe’s younger people and elders began to reintroduce into their lives traditional music, dance, foods, and religious traditions.”

Godwin also mentioned the response to Hurricane Matthew was quick and full. Families were given food, homes and children were given winter coats, all thanks to the tribe working together.

Read the full article to see what other aspects of 2016 Godwin mentioned, as well as the upcoming 2017 events he is looking forward to. 

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