Spirits of our ancestors: basket traditions in the Carolinas.

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Rosengarten, Dale. “Spirits of our ancestors: basket traditions in the Carolinas.” In:The crucible of Carolina: essays in the development of Gullah language and culture. Ed. Michael Montgomery. Athens, GA: Georgia UP, 1994. Pages 133-157.


Brief mention, pages 138-139; notes on page 156. Documents Lumbee basket making, beginning with a ribbed white oak melon, or gizzard, basket make by John Oxendine during the Civil War. By the mid-1930s, Joseph Brooks reported Lumbee basket making had declined to the point that only a few elderly people continued the practice.

Rosengarten reports on a 1985 conversation with Cleveland Jacobs, who learned basket making as a child from his grandmother and was still weaving baskets from white oak.

Figure 3, page 139, is a Lumbee sewing basket made around 1900 from coiled sweetgrass.

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