Outcome of Miss N.C. pageant a cliffhanger, for real.

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“Outcome of Miss N.C. pageant a cliffhanger, for real.” Winston-Salem Journal Saturday, 7 September 2002.


This article announces that in the U.S. District Court, Judge James Fox heard arguments on September 6 from Rebekah Revels's attorney and from the Miss America pageant regarding her reinstatement as Miss North Carolina. The judge scheduled a hearing for Monday, September 9, but announced that he may not issue a ruling on Monday or even by the end of the week. The judge asserts that he will not rush his decision, even though the Miss America pageant ends on September 21. Until the decision, both the runner-up, Misty Clyner, and Revels will represent North Carolina. George Bauer, the CEO of the Miss America pageant, has stated, “For the present time, we will consider Miss Revels to be a contestant and she will receive all the courtesies afforded a Miss America contestant.”

The article includes comments from Lois Redding, the business manager of the Miss Forsyth County pageant, as well as from two former Miss Forsyth County participants about whether Revels's actions may have constituted a breach of the Miss America contract's morals clause.

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