Lumberton, North Carolina

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“Lumberton, North Carolina.” National Civic Review (National Civic League) 85.1 (Winter/Spring 1996 Supplement): 44- .


The tri-ethnic city of Lumberton became concerned that in 1991 the unemployment rate was nearly nine percent, one quarter of families were at the poverty level, many people in the community had low educational attainment, and “inner-city” problems of crime and drugs were increasing. The city launched the LOFT (Lumberton...Our Future Together) planning process, which involved strategic planning by citizens, the Chamber of Commerce, the city council, and others in analyzing Lumberton's strengths and weaknesses and prioritizing ways to improve the city. The city won a $3 million Enterprise Community grant; hired a full-time economic development director; and began a community-oriented policing program. In early 1995, there were 1,800 more employed people than in December, 1993. The city won an All-American City award in 1995.

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Lumberton (City) | LOFT (Lumberton...Our Future Together)
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