Lumbee Tribe: Goolsby Is Elected Speaker

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Locklear, Mark. “Lumbee Tribe: Goolsby Is Elected Speaker.” Robesonian January 29, 2007.


This article summarizes news items from a meeting of the Lumbee Tribal Council. In the election for new officers, Gerald Goolsby became the new speaker, receiving 12 votes compared to 8 votes for Lawrence Locklear, who had been speaker since July 2005. Ricky Burnette was re-elected as vice chairperson, Pam Spaulding as treasurer, Wendy Moore-Graham as secretary, and Frances Chavis as logistics manager. Shelly Strickland was elected parliamentarian, replacing Welford Clark. Goolsby spoke about the need for more unity among Tribal Council members and among the three branches of the tribe's government, as well as better communication between the Tribal Council and the tribal administration.In other business, the council approved the Election Board's budget request to spend up to $22,000 to hold a referendum on four proposed amendments to the tribe's constitution. The referendum will be held on March 27, and tribal rolls will remain closed until 30 days after the referendum. The four amendments would set up a procedure to impeach officers of the Elections Board of tribal courts; bar members of the Tribal Council from serving on other government boards; and allow the Tribal Council more financial oversight.The Tribal Council also authorized application for a two-year grant for $215,000 from the Administration for Native Americans. The grant would help the tribe obtain 8(a) certification, enabling it to apply for federal government contracts; and would also help the tribe establish a business that could apply for such contracts.

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