Tribal officials, LRDA suggest possible merge.

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Locklear, Mark. “Tribal officials, LRDA suggest possible merge.” Robesonian April 19, 2004.


Both Leroy Freeman (chairperson of LRDA’s Board of Directors) and Jimmy Goins (chairperson of the Lumbee Tribe) have stated a desire to “be one organization” (Goins) or that “LRDA could come under the same umbrella with the Tribal Government” (Freeman). These sentiments emerged from a discussion the day after the Lumbee Tribal Council voted to investigate taking over three apartment complexes run by the North Carolina Indian Housing Authority.  Freeman believes the Lumbee Tribe’s government could benefit from LRDA’s considerable expertise in administering federal housing funds.  Both men are confident that Lumbee people could receive services more quickly if the two groups worked together.  One recommendation, proposed by Leon Jacobs,  administrator of the Lumbee Tribe and a former member of LRDA’s Board, is for the tribe to take control of the programs LRDA operates.  This proposal (which LRDA Executive Director Dewey Locklear opposes) is scheduled for a vote on April 29. 

A meeting will be scheduled between representatives of the two organizations.

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