Board votes 7-3 to hire Canadian educator.

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Locklear, Mark. “Board votes 7-3 to hire Canadian educator.” Robesonian Wed., April 30, 2003.


Colin Armstrong, a 55-year-old Canadian who has been in education since 1972 and has been associate director of the Waterloo school board since 1999, has signed a three-year contract as superintendent of the Public Schools of Robeson County. His base salary will be $130,000; he will also be eligible for a $10,000 performance bonus.

A motion was made by three school board members (Robert Deese, John Campbell, and Bosco Locklear) to readvertise the position in order to find a qualified United States candidate—but the motion failed. These three board members wanted to hire a candidate from the U.S., North Carolina, or Robeson County. Their objections to Armstrong were based solely on his nationality, not on his qualifications. The three will support Armstrong in the position.

There were 26 applicants for the position, including five from North Carolina (three of those from Robeson County).

Armstrong and his wife had visited the southern United States often during the last ten years. One reason the Robeson County position appealed to him was the statement in the advertisement that serious consideration would be given to nontraditional applicants.

Robeson County will pay $3,725 for Armstrong’ work visa, which must be renewed every three years or until he becomes a U.S. citizen. He intends to become a U.S. citizen.

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