Board takes no action on Harding.

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Locklear, Mark. “Board takes no action on Harding.” Robesonian Thursday, 30 March 2002.


In its meeting on Tuesday, May 28, the Robeson County school board took no action on the topic of buying out Superintendent Barry Harding’s contract. In April, the Board voted to begin a search for a new superintendent. Harding requested that the Board buy out his contract, which expires June 30, 2003. The Board considers a buyout “a measure of last resort.” Chairperson Patrick Bullard explains, “We have given [Harding] the latitude to transact business as the superintendent, but I, as a Board member, expect to be in the loop” (para. 7).

In an unrelated matter, the Board heard reports that 32 of the county’s 40 public schools showed an increase in the number of students performing at or above grade levels in their statewide standardized tests, although the numbers could change when the test scores for writing, computer skills, and exceptional children are factored in.

This year three schools—South Robeson, Red Springs, and St. Paul’s high schools—were rated low-performing and assigned state assistance teams. School officials hope that they will meet their targeted growth levels (last year the percentages of students at or above grade levels were in the 40s) and not be classed as low-performing schools.

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