The women

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Locklear, Amy. “The women.” Red Ink: a Native American student publication 3.1 (Spring 1994): 12-13.


Locklear, a Lumbee, describes her two grandmothers (one Finnish-American, one Lumbee) in this poem. Her paternal (Lumbee) grandmother was born in North Carolina to a sharecropper family, moved to Detroit, Michigan in 1954 to look for work in automobile factories, then returned to North Carolina in 1974. One poem describes her love of fishing, survival of the Depression, teaching her granddaughter “how to fight” and the fact that “many of her memories were too painful for me to bear. . . / Her children do not want to remember the pain either. / But I am slowly making them understand. / I need these stories to be strong.”

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“Red Ink is published by students and faculty at the University of Arizona's American Indian Graduate Center.”