The land of a legend.

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Leland, Elizabeth. “The land of a legend.” Charlotte Observer Sunday, 16 June 2002.


Bruce Barton, Lumbee journalist, historian, and educator, conducts a tour of sites significant to the Henry Berry Lowry period and explains salient historical facts. This article provides background information for the Charlotte Observer's Read Carolinas book club's summer selection, Nowhere Else on Earth (item HUMP001).

Barton points out the original location of Henry Berry and Rhoda's house; the place where Allen Lowry was captured by the Home Guard; the grave of Mary, Henry Berry's mother; the approximate location of Devil's Den, Henry Berry's hideout; Allen Lowry's cabin, which was moved to the North Carolina Indian Cultural Center; Rhoda's grave, in the Harper's Ferry Baptist Church cemetery; the burial spot of James Brant Harris; and the home of Weldon Lowry (a descendant of Henry Berry's brother Calvin), who has a portrait of Henry Berry and Rhoda.

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