Revels’ former boyfriend found liable.

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Leclerq, Matt. “Revels’ former boyfriend found liable.” Fayetteville Observer 26 March 2004.


A Robeson County jury ruled on Thursday, March 25, that Tosh Welch, former boyfriend of Miss North Carolina Rebekah Revels, wrongfully destroyed her bid for Miss America when he made public the fact that he possessed topless photographs of her. Welch sent an e-mail message to the Miss America Web site in July 2002 stating that Revels had violated pageant rules by living with him; the message also alluded to topless photographs.

Revels then found it necessary to withdraw from the Miss America pageant.  The runner-up for Miss North Carolina, Misty Clymer, replaced Revels as Miss North Carolina. 

In the trial, Welch was found liable on the counts of interfering with Revels' contract as Miss North Carolina and interfering with the contract she might have had if she had won the Miss America pageant.

In his testimony, Welch mentioned that he remembered the controversy in 1984 when Vanessa Williams resigned her Miss America crown after nude photographs of her were published. Welch maintains that he did not show his photographs of Revels to anyone other than his lawyer.

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