Appendix M. Lumbees in the 1790 Census of Sampson County, designated "all other free persons"

From: Britt, Morris F. Appendices to Implosion: A history of the Lumbee Indians of Robeson County, North Carolina. Unpublished book-length manuscript.

Dr. Britt has specified the following usage limitations: Not to be reprinted for publication without written consent of the author. May be used privately.

NameNumber in household
Bell, Samuel10
Brewington, Amey4
Brewington, Ann3
Carter, Henry8
Carter, Moses9
Clewis, Molly3
Cleorly, --------4
Cobb. Becky3
Emanuel, Ephraim3
Emanuel, Jesse6
Emanuel, John5
Emanuel, Levi5
Emanuel, Nicholas5
Flowers, John1
Green, Rachael6
Hammonds, Miles1
Ireland, Amy5
Jacobs, Abraham3
Jacobs, Thomas7
Mainor, Jack1
Natt (Old)2
Revil, Nathaniel13
Terry, David4
Waldon, Jack1
Wiggins, Mary6
Wiggins, Patty5
Williams, Crecy3
Williams, Hannah2
Williams, Joseph4

* It should be noted that 8 out of the above 17 Sampson County family surnames (47%) also appear clearly as Lumbee Indians in Robeson County. Knowledgeable interpreters at the Robeson County Courthouse suggest that "Cleorly' was probably an individual named "C. Lowery."