Appendix L. Lumbees in the 1790 Census of Robeson, designated "all other free persons"

From: Britt, Morris F. Appendices to Implosion: A history of the Lumbee Indians of Robeson County, North Carolina. Unpublished book-length manuscript.

Dr. Britt has specified the following usage limitations: Not to be reprinted for publication without written consent of the author. May be used privately.

NameNumber in HouseholdOther notes
Branch, Randall11 
Braveboy, Lydia7 
Brooks, Betty4 
Bussell, William5 
Carter, Emanuel5 
Chavers, Ishmael10 
Chavers, Richard3 
Cox, Gilbert6
8 slaves
Cumbo, Cannon11
1 slave
Cumbo, Gilbert1 
Cumbo, John3 
Cumbo, Nathl4 
Evans, Richard4 
Hammonds, Jacob4 
Hammonds, John9 
Harding (Hardin), Soloman6 
Hunt, James4 
Hunt, Lewis3[Alex and Richard Hunt listed as White next door.]
Irvin, Betty2 
Johnson, Isaac1 
Kersey, Betty3 
Kersey, William4 
Lockileer, Jacob6 
Lockileer, John1 
Lockileer, John4 
Lockileer, Joseph6 
Lockileer, Malcom6 
Lockileer, Randal10 
Lockileer, Robert6 
Lockileer, Samuel1 
Lockileer, Wiliam11 
Lockileer, James6
3 slaves
Newsom, Ethelred3 
Oxendine, Benjamin1 
Oxendine, Charles1 
Oxendine, Charles11 
Oxendine, John1 
Ransome, Simon6 
Revil, Burwell1 
Revil, Edmund9 
Roberds, Ishmael10 
Scott, John1 
Stableton, Alexr7 
Tutor, Dread3 
Valentine, Charles5