Appendix H. Early Lumbee settlers in Robeson (Bladen)*

From: Britt, Morris F. Appendices to Implosion: A history of the Lumbee Indians of Robeson County, North Carolina. Unpublished book-length manuscript.

Dr. Britt has specified the following usage limitations: Not to be reprinted for publication without written consent of the author. May be used privately.

Most of these names were identified as mulatto but some as White. Most were located in current Robeson and Hoke Counties but some were in current Bladen County.

Last NameFirst NameTax Lists and Notes
AdkinsAaron1769 Witness of Perkins deed 16 Sept. 1769, possibly Lumbee
BellArchibald1755 The Desert [Little Ten Mile Swamp]
Bowen/BowinThomas1771 E of Drounding Creek, N of Porters Swamp
Braveboy  David1761 E of 5 Mile Swamp, 1772 Drounding Creek
Jacob1769, '70, '71 Tax lists
Joshua1768 with son Lewis, 1772 Tax list
Bullard  Ambrose1174 W of Raft on Richland Swamp
Elisha1769, 1778 Shoe Heel Swamp
John1768 NE of Ten Mile Swamp
CarterJames and son Isaac1768 Tax list
Chavis/Chavus    Ishmael and wife Reigel1769, '70, '71 Tax lists, 1772 NE of Drounding Creek, on Long Swamp, 1774, NE of Drounding Creek (Long), Hayes Mills Swamp
Miles1778 S of Shoe Heel Swamp; joint grant with Robt. Lockalear, 1778, on Shoe Heel
Phillip and wife Sele1768 S of Wilkinsoni Swamp; Providence Line; 1778 Both sides of Ashpole Swamp
Sherod1779 Fork of Shoe Heel Swamp
William1778 Providence Line
Clark  Cooper and wife1768 Tax list
James and wife1768 Tax list
Joseph1770 Tax list
Cox Gilbert1768 Tax list
Simon1768 Tax list
Cumbo/Cumboe  Cannon and wife1768 Tax list, 1771, 1773 SW of Drounding Creek, 1775, E of Great Swamp on Gourleys Neck
Bibee (Gibey)1788 NE of Drounding Swamp; upper side of Bear Swamp
John1778 NE of Great Marsh Swamp
Dees/DeeseBenjamin1773 E of Gum Branch of Little Peedee
Doyal/Doyel[Dial]James and wife1768, '69, '70, '71 Tax lists
DrakeAaron1768 Tax list
EvansArthur1768 Tax list
Goen/Goings Fred(erick)1771 Tax list, 1775 Raft Swamp (claimed by John Kersey), 1778 E of Raft Swamp
Rasses (?)1768 Tax list
Groom(e)Thomas1770, '71 Tax lists
Hammond(s)John1768 NE of Drounding Creek on Saddletree Swamp, 1770
Hammons    1772 Saddletree Swamp, 1778-80 S of Saddletree Swamp, S of Drounding Creek
Ratia (Horatio)1779-80 S of Drounding Creek N of Jacobs Swamp
Richard1769 Tax list, 1778 S of Drounding Creek
Shadrach1780 N of Drounding Creek, on Jacobs Swamp
HarpeJa(me)s1768 Tax list
Hatcher    Isaac1773 Drounding Creek (adj. William Strickling)
Isam (or Isham) and wife Mary1768, 1769 S of Drounding Creek
Isham1772 SE of Drounding Creek, SE of Cypress Swamp
Robert, Sr.1778 S of Gapway Swamp (current Bladen)
Timothy1778 S of Gapway Swamp (current Bladen)
Hunt  Braswell1778 Both sides of Haley's Branch, Gutridge Locklear chainbearer
Creswell1773 -------------
William1779 S of Ashpole
Ivey  Adam1769 Indian Swamp, E of Ashpole
Joseph1773 West of Shoeheel, S of Cow Branch
Thomas1755 Drounding Creek
Jackson  Ansel1779 SW of Drounding Creek
Peter1768 Tax list
"English" Thomas1768 Ten Mile Swamp, 1778 S of Drounding Creek, W of Raft Swamp, S of Thos Ivey's land where John Kersey formerly lived
JamesSolomon and wife1768, '69, '70, '71 Tax lists
Johnson/Johnston  Isaac1768 Tax list
Solomon1768, 1769 Tax lists, with wife 1770
Solomon Jr. and wife1770, '71
Jones Richard and wife1768, '69, '70, '71 Tax lists
William1768, '69, '70 Tax lists
Kersey(Cairsey)      Esther1775 E of Drounding Creek, on Bear Swamp
Hector1775 E of Drounding Creek, on Bear Swamp
John1754 Bear Swamp, E of Drounding Creek on Bear Swamp; 1769 N of Bear Swamp; Drounding Creek above mouth of Bear Swamp; 1775, Raft Swamp ad. Federick Goings; 1778 S of Back Swamp; S of Drounding Creek
John Jr. and son Jacob1771 Tax list
MaryS of Ashpole Swamp
Peter1768, '79 with son Davis, 1779 on Drounding Creek
Thomas1767 E of Drounding Creek, N of Drounding Creek, 1774, W of Great Swamp, near Watering Hole Swamp, Peters Bay including Eliza Cooks improvements, S of Henry Oberry property; N of Drounding Creek
LambArthur1768 Tax list
Locklear       Dudley1778 S of Shoe Heel Swamp, W of Ashpole including Locklelar's improvements, Ishmael Chavis, chainbearer
Gutridge1778 Both sides of Haley's Swamp
Jacob and wife1768, '70 Tax lists
John1752 S of Gum running out of Drounding Creek, with son Wm., 1771
Major1768 Tax list, 1770
Randle1779 W of Ashpole Swamp
Robert1778 S of Shoeheel Swamp with Miles Chavis
William1778 NE of Juniper
Lowery James1760s Drounding Creek, 1780 Drounding Creek, wiht wife 1768, '69, '70, '71, E and NE of Drounding Creek, head of White Oak Swamp, 1775. Mill prong of Raft Swamp adj. Ann Pirkins,m 1780
Lewis1774 in Anson Co. SW of Pee Dee River
Oxendine  Charles1768 NE of Drounding Creek (3 at same location and date), 1768, 1771 Tax list
Cudworth1768 Tax list, before 1778 W of Back Swamp
John1759 E of Drounding Creek
Perkins  Ana (Ann)1767 (Two by name on Raft Swamp), same in 1770, adj. James Lowery on Raft Swamp
Jordanwith Ann, 1771 Tax list
Joshua1763, 1768 with wife and two sons Tax List, 1769 with sons George and Isaac, 1769 Wilkerson Swamp; 1779 Bull Branch, 1768, Wileson's lower Swamp
RevelsEdmond1779 N of Long Swamp
Rouse John1771 Tax list
Neill1771 Tax list
Russel John1768 Tax list
Thomas1768 Tax list
Skipper Isom1768 Tax list
Moses1768 Tax list
StewartJames Sr.1768 Tax list, described as "an Indian" living with a Britt
Strickland       Aaron1771 NE of Drounding Creek; 1774 E of Drounding Creek
Abraham1773, 1775 E of Drounding Creek
Elias1778 N of Gapway Swamp on Long Branch (current Bladen)
Jacob1775 W of Drowning Creek; SW of Drowning Creek; in Anson SW of Drowning Creek
Joseph1775 W of Drowning Creek
Elias1778 N of Gapway swamp (current Bladen)
Phillip1778 N of Gapway Swamp, Watering Hole Branch; chainbearer for grant to Elias Stricklen in 1778; 1779 S of Fresh Water Branch, the Water Holes (current Bladen)
William1773, 1778, 1779 E of Drounding Creek, adj. Isham Hatcher
Sweat Thomas1768 Tax list, 1769, 1771 with Ann Perkins
William and son Benjamin1768 Tax list
Sweetin/Sweeting Elisha1769, 1775 E of Shoe Heel, 1778 Shoe Heel Swamp
Lisha1770 Great Shoe Heel
WalkerMoses and wife1768 Tax list
WhartonDaniel, wife, and son Richard1768, '79, '71 Tax lists
WilkinsWilliam1768, '69 Tax lists
WilsonJohn1768, '69 Tax lists

*Source: Thomas David Smith McDowell Papers, Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina.