Lumbees hope for state boost

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Chamberlain, Knight. “Lumbees hope for state boost.” Robesonian Saturday, 27 May 2000: 1A, 6A.


Provides a more detailed account of Rep. Ron Sutton's request for $100,000 in state funding to help the Lumbee Self-Determination Commission conduct an election for a tribal government on November 7. The Commission will first survey at least 500 tribal members (beginning in June) to determine if they want a tribal government and, if they do, whether the government should be appointed or elected. If elected, respondents will also be asked whether elections should be at-large or by districts. UNC-Pembroke, UNC-Chapel Hill, and the Institute of Government at UNC-Chapel Hill will help with the process (particularly the wording of questions, so that the survey could withstand a court challenge). UNC-Pembroke students will conduct the survey. The Institute of Government will present a final report on the survey to the Lumbee Self-Determination Commission at its July meeting.

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Lumbee Self-Determination Commission | Tribal government
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