American Indians in World War I: at home and at war.

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Britten, Thomas A. American Indians in World War I: at home and at war. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico P, 1997. Pages 57, 198 (note 20).


Brief mention. Discusses the quota problems that many counties faced in World War I regarding draft registration. The quota of White and Black registrants was based on the number of eligible men in the county. It was difficult for North Carolina to meet its quota of White registrants because several North Carolina counties were predominantly Black. The governor received authorization to send 57 Croatan (later known as Lumbee) Indians to Camp Jackson, South Carolina, for training and to classify them as Whites. General Crowder allowed this classification. Later, registration cards had four racial categories (White, Negro, Indian, and Oriental) rather than two.

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On this topic, see also: The Lumbee Indians: an annotated bibliography, items 911-916
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