The Lumbee: legends, lies, and lives.

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Blue, Denise. “The Lumbee: legends, lies, and lives.” Thesis. Western Carolina University, 1998. 68p.


Blue's thesis consists of poetry in which she explores her Lumbee heritage. Her introduction explains how she came to be interested in writing poetry; writers who influenced her (Maya Angelou, Louise Erdrich, Doris Davenport, and N. Scott Momaday); and the creative writing course rule, “Write what you know,” and how she used that rule to explore what she (and others) “know” about the Lumbee. She provides three sections of poetry: Legends (on superstition, and on root workers, grannywomen, and other Lumbee who can heal or can see the future); Lies (on the types of prejudice and racism which the Lumbee experience); and Lives (on farming and the Lumbee connectedness to land and family).

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