Report: Robeson County leads state in accidental shootings

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"Report: Robeson County leads state in accidental shootings." The Fayetteville Observer. 31 July 2010.


A recent report by North Carolinians Against Gun Violence, a gun safety group,  shows that more than half of the treatments of patients for firearm injuries in Robeson County result from accidental shootings. At 52 percent, this is the highest amount in North Carolina. The surrounding community of Cumberland County showed 47 percent of shooting injuries as being accidental.

Roxane Kolar, executive director of North Carolinians Against Gun Violence, said that Robeson County's situation is "tragic." Kolar said that there are simple solutions, though, such as "Properly storing firearms with gun locks."

The report also showed that costs for treating gun shot wounds in North Carolina hospitals in the year 2007 came close to $50 million.

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