Lumbee slur: Big-mouth DJs with small minds

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Ahearn, Lorraine. "Lumbee slur: Big-mouth DJs with small minds." Greensboro News and Record [Greensboro, NC] April 11, 2008.


The Lumbee community expressed outrage and amazement in April, 2008 after a planned, fourteen-minute-long radio segment by DJ Bob Dumas on Raleigh's WDCG (105 FM) called Native Americans “lazy” and the Lumbee Indians “inbreeds.” The DJ also made fun of an intern at the station engaged to a Lumbee, asking her if she would have a “teepee warming” after the wedding. Insulting sound effects and music were also used in the segment. The segment remained on the radio station's website for several days after airing.

After the first complaints came in, the station manager issued a general apology. Later, after complaints (and a demand that the radio show's hosts be fired) were made by Greg Richardson, executive director of the North Carolina Commission of Indian Affairs, the hosts were suspended for three days.

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