Historical Sketch of the Indians of Robeson County.

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McLean, Angus W.  “Historical Sketch of the Indians of Robeson County.”  Statement before the House Committee on Indian Affairs, 14 Feb. 1913.  Hearings on S. 3258 (entry 1326), pp.19-25.  Rpt. in McPherson (entry 49), Exhibit F.


Says Robeson County Indians “were originally a part of the great Cherokee Tribe ....”  He “can not reconcile” McMillan’s position of Cherokee descent with his “main contention” of Lost Colony descent.  Also in Exhibit F of entry 49 is a later letter from McLean (7 Sept. 1914) saying the Indians are descendants of Lost Colonists and are also mixed with Cherokees.  McLean interviewed Wash Lowrie (age 80) in 1914 and sent McPherson a statement summarizing the interview (included in Exhibit F).

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