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Williams, Bronwyn [pseud. for Dixie Browning and Mary Williams].  Stormwalker.  Harlequin Historical, vol. 47.  Toronto: Harlequin Books, 1990.


Stormwalker, a mixed blood who lives among the Hatorask Indians, is the son of a Hatorask chief and a White woman.  He was educated in White schools.  His aspires to quelch the hostility between Whites and Indians and teach his people to live in the changing, White-influenced world.  He dresses as a White, John Walker, when trading in White towns; yet feels shame and confusion over his mixed breeding.  Born on the island of Croatoan, he has Indian features except for his blue eyes.  He protects, befriends, and falls in love with Laura Gray, a White girl who was raped–and whose parents were killed–by Three Turtle, a Mattamuskeet and formerly his friend.

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