To Die Game. (Unpublished screenplay)

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Evans, William, and David Oxendine.  “To Die Game.”  Unpublished screenplay.  Registered: WGAW.  [Los Angeles, CA: Barbara’s Place Script Specialists, 1993?]  75 p.


Based on Evans’ To Die Game (entry 1118).  Carefully chosen, colorfully drawn scenes highlight the political background of the Lowry Gang incidents, the role of the Ku Klux Klan, support given the Gang by lower-class Countians of all races, and disparities in living conditions between the upper-class Whites and others in the county.  Scenes include: Henry Berry and Rhoda’s wedding; the Battle of Wire Grass Landing; Henry Berry’s breaking into Col. McQueen’s home (John McNair’s home in entry 1118), demanding to be served breakfast, and then insisting that McQueen arrange the release of four gang members’ wives from the Lumberton Jail; and ambiguity over whether Henry Berry was killed or simply disappeared.

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