Capacity Audience Sees First Performance of Pageant at Pembroke School.

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“Capacity Audience Sees First Performance of Pageant at Pembroke School.”  News and Observer 6 Dec. 1940: 2.


Describes the plot, staging, and community participation in Life Story of a People.  About 150 people (mostly students from the Normal School and other area schools) participated in the two-hour pageant, “told for the most part in pantomime, and with disarming candor and good will.”  The play “suggested” the Indians’ kinship with the Lost Colony.  The presentation of the Henry Berry Lowry period was “almost gingerly” in its scripting, but the participants were enthusiastic.  Polly Lowery Oxendine, last surviving daughter of Henry Berry Lowry, appeared, as did a great-nephew of the outlaw.  Lowry’s Winchester rifle was used as a prop.

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