Long Lance: The Autobiography of a Blackfoot Chief

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Buffalo Child Long Lance [Sylvester Clark Long]. Long Lance: The Autobiography of a Blackfoot Chief. New York: Cosmopolitan, 1928.


A. LaVonne Ruoff (American Indian Literatures, 1990) states that this is “actually a fictional account of growing up on the far western Plains, beginning in the 1890's” (p. 70). Simply and engagingly written, it describes Blackfeet battles with enemy tribes, the brutal indoctrination of male children, war dances, strength contests, the derivation of Indian names, medical practices, the Sun Dance, hunting, Chief Carry-the-Kettle, warrior Almighty Voice, and more. Smith (entry 356) discusses at length this book by a Croatan who gained acclaim and acceptance by claiming to be a Blackfoot. Microfilmed by the Library of Congress.

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