Janie Maynor Locklear v. N.C. State Board of Elections

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Janie Maynor Locklear v. N.C. State Board of Elections, 379 F.Supp. 2 (20 June 1974). Reversed, 514 F.2d 1152 (23 April 1975). Affirmed, 529 F.2d 515 (26 Sept. 1975).


The “double-voting” case. The U.S. District Court ruled for the defendants, finding that the North Carolina statute was not unconstitutional, since “residents of city administrative units were substantially affected by decisions of the county board.” The U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals reversed and remanded the district court’s decision, saying voters in the city units did not have sufficient interest in functions performed by the county board to justify their voting in elections for county school board members.

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