Down the Lumbee.

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Britt, Albert. “Down the Lumbee.” Outing 80 (Sept. 1922): 262-64.


Britt took a canoe trip from Pine Bluff (which had a canoe club) to Fair Bluff. He rented canoes from the Pine Bluff Inn. Other accounts of canoeing on the Lumbee River include: (1) Haynes, Williams. “Through a jungle to the Old South.” Outing 65 (Jan. 1915): 478-86 [PSU-MLL]. (2) Haynes, Williams. “Down the Old Lumbee ... ” Field and Stream 23.1 (May 1918): 5-7, 48 [PSU-MLL]. (3) “Two boys in a boat.”The State 9.17 (27 Sept. 1941): 10, 26 [PSU-MLL]. Two other early articles are described in Henry A. McKinnon’s article, “Fascination with the Lumbee” (The News of Robeson County 16 June 1990: 3). See also Colin P. Osborne, “Nature’s sanctuary” (The State 58.4 (Sept. 1990): 38-40); it includes John Charles McNeill’s poem, “Sunburnt boys” (originally published in his Songs Merry and Sad, 1906, 1932). The river is mentioned in A. R. Ammons’ poem, “Alligator holes down along about Old Dock,” North Carolina Literary Review 1.2 (Spring 1993): 228.

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