Appalachian Copyright Academy

Appalachian Copyright AcademyThe Appalachian Copyright Academy provides copyright training for Library Liaisons and other University constituents.  Hosted annually at Belk Library, participants enroll in a three day course and learn strategies to respond to basic copyright questions related to scholarship, teaching, and research. Certification is granted upon completion.  The Appalachian Copyright Academy is modelled after Harvard's Copyright First Responders initiative, UNC-Chapel Hill's P2P Copyright Network, and Duke University's Copyright Consultants program.  Future workshops will focus on more advanced issues, such as music and copyright and data management.  

2019-2020 Cohort (* indicates certification):

  • *Jill Eller
  • Kim Sims
  • *Katherine Alford
  • Bill Pillow
  • *John Abbott
  • *Jackie Eagleson
  • *Ethan Lindsay
  • Gary Boye
  • *Jewel Davis
  • *Lisa Abbott
  • Matt Ransom
  • Margaret Gregor
  • Ericka Patillo
  • Jon Greene
  • *Ken Johnson
  • *Kelly Rhodes
  • Greta Browning
  • John Wiswell
  • Alex McAllister
  • Leslie Farison

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